Wedding Planning


The Groom and Groomsmen are picked up and chauffeured to the Church/Ceremony to arrive 30-40mins prior to the Bride to greet and seat the guests ready for the ceremony.


We would arrive 15mins prior to allow the photographer to take the photos of the Bride and Bridesmaids entering the Limousine.

Should the Bride want to arrive traditionally late or on time the chauffeur has the experience to judge the arrival of the Limousine down to the minute.

Upon arrival to the Church/Ceremony location the chauffeur will liaise with the photographer/videographer to make sure that exiting the Limousine is graceful and creates a great opportunity for feature photos.


If you don’t have photo locations upon booking your Perth Limousine Hire,Mirage Limousines can recommend Perth’s most popular locations from years of experience of chauffeuring Perth’s Wedding couples.


As we make our way to your Reception the chauffeur can arrive on time or 15mins prior to allow the Bride and Groom and party freshen up prior to making their entrance to the reception.

End of Night Getaway

Arriving 15mins prior to your departure at your Reception Mirage Limousines will make sure we leave a lasting impression as we whisk Husband and Wife away to their Hotel/location of choice.

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School Balls

Social Limo